The Jedi Hunt of Quinlan Folds

The Jedi Hunt Of Quinlan Folds By: Tommy Harvey has turned to the dark side again! He has replaced Darth Paper/Anakin with the Emperor. Harvey has been convinced to bring Funtime back and take away the field trip. He will do anything to listen to his puppets. Harvey’s 1st FRIEND!!!  By: Tommy  A new kid came to Mcquarrie his name is Davey. He showed us this cool origami jedi named Quinlan Folds. Harvey and him are now best friends. I wonder if Harvey bribed him to be his friend. The Note By: Tommy It said ” Execute Pleat sixty-six we will not destroy your pitiful rebellion if you give up your field trip and your jedi.” I wonder who wrote that note? HARVEY! The Rebels Commence Attack By: The Rebels The Emperor said, ” Meet my apprentice, Quinlan Folds the Dark Jedi, he has been trained under my wing he created the note.” Quinlan Folds said, ” My master is correct once again, now it is time for your loved ones to die.” So Davey destroyed Origami Yoda and our puppets. Harvey and Danny said, “Serves you right! It was all part of our plan. ” Here are our real puppets those were decoys made by Dwight Origami Yoda felt a disturbance in the force.” said the rebels. Then we destroyed their evil puppets and brought balance to the force.

To be continued in Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus without Quinlan Folds (Time: 2 hours before the field trip) (Place: Mcquarrie Middle School.) Guys give me ideas for the chapters I wrote to make longer or you can give me ideas for more chapters before the chapter “The Rebels Commence Attack.”



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